Top Tips For Preventing Online Brochure Printing Screw Ups

Top Tips For Preventing Online Brochure Printing Screw Ups

Online brochure printing has become a very popular solution for most people and organizations. The advances in computer and digital printing technology have made it easy to design brochures in house. This is the main reason why online printing services are thriving and popping up in all sorts of places on the net.

There are so many online printing services out there to choose from. To make matters even more complicated, most of these online printing services offer a lot of good deals. Some online printing services have good price points, others have extras like free delivery, and some even offer to do the design for free.

There are some things that people and organizations should be wary of before using an online printing service. While convenient, making a mistake can be time consuming to correct given the nature of online printing services. Below are a few tips that can help prevent mistakes and guarantee high quality prints.

Size matters

Most organizations or people that are new to the online brochure printing business often make a mistake in the print size. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that it’s a common and easy mistake to make, but very difficult to rectify.

Always be aware of the size of the Brochure Printing Services surface. Few mistakes can rival the cost of doing a layout that’s either too big or too small for the print surface. Remember, a layout that doesn’t properly fit into the printing surface’s size means that it has to be adjusted. The adjustments to make the images fit can affect color and resolution. This color and resolution issue can lead to blurring, pixilation, washed out colors, and so much more.

A lot of time and money can be saved when the layout is properly designed for the printing surface.

Use the right paper

Most online printing services often offer their customers a choice of using either 80lb or 100lb in their printing. This more or less comes down to preference. 

The option of using an 80lb paper is cheaper than 100lb. However, the price difference shouldn’t be that high for someone to skip the alternative. Most people opt for the 80lb option whenever they are on a very tight budget or working on a simple project.

A 100lb paper usually has a better impression and will make any brochure feel like it’s more professional. For the type of customer who wants their work to be of high quality, the 100 lb. paper is probably the best solution.

Experiment with ink

Before actually having it printed always try to do a test run on the quality of the prints. Testing gives a very good idea of what can or cannot be done to improve the overall quality of the brochure. It also prevents mistakes from being printed and large volumes.

Those who want to improve the look and feel of their brochures may also want to consider varnish. Adding varnish to a brochure will make it look more glossy and appealing. Varnish also prevents fingerprint smudging, leaving a good impression on the reader that the brochure, and whoever had it made, must be very professional. It must be noted that prints which already have a lot of ink coverage usually appear glossy anyway.

Online brochure printing services are very convenient and easy to work with; just remember to keep these tips in mind to prevent costly mistakes.



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