Top Tips for a Colored Brochure Printing efforts

Top Tips for a Colored Brochure Printing efforts

Color brochure printing is one of the tasks that a lot of new businesses find confusing. Those who know the true value of a well-designed colored brochure, knows that the brochure is an indispensible tool for marketing and advertising. Despite the current trend of online marketing and advertising, printed materials such brochures are still important.

Printing and designing a colored brochure is by no means difficult, but there are things that people need to keep in mind in order to avoid mistakes. The mistakes in designing a printing a brochure can consume a lot of time and money. Below are some helpful tips that people can take note of in order to avoid some of the more common mistakes of making a colored brochure.

Use the right amount of images and graphics for the brochure

The price involved in color brochure printing goes up or down depending on the amount of images and graphics a brochure has. The more graphics and images in a brochure, the more colored ink it will consume. A lot of digital printers often base their asking price based on the amount of colored content a brochure contains.

Someone who is on a really tight budget may want to consider a brochure that’s just black and white. Printing a brochure that’s just black and white won’t give a brochure a cheap look. On the contrary, using black and white for the brochure and grayscale for the images can be used to great effect. However, it must be noted that the design must be top-notch in order to make good use of a black and white brochure.

Get acquainted with print bleeding

Print bleeding is very important in printing a colored brochure. Knowing what a print bleed is can spell the difference between a professional and amateur looking brochure.

Despite the developments in both offset and digital printing, there are still some minor discrepancies in the design of the layout or the machine. These inconsistencies can lead to small white borders at the edge of a brochure’s printing surface. To prevent this from happening, the design layout for a brochure needs to be a bit bigger than the printing surface. This will ensure that every printed brochure does not have a white bordered edge.

The color wheel is very important

One of the most popular trends in movies nowadays is to make things in both the color orange and blue. The Bourne Identity, Jumper, G.I. Joe, and Night at the Museum all had movie posters that were in orange and blue. The reason behind this is that any person who looks at the color wheel will so how well blue and orange contrast with one another.

The color wheel is basically a wheel with all the colors arranged together based on how close they are to each other’s hue. One way to ensure a nice looking colored brochure is by having a high contrast. Studying the color wheel is easy and simple. It will go a long way in color brochure printing..

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