How to Select Customized Greeting Cards



There is more to choose the holiday card than picking an attractive design. Recent technology has expanded the available options for personalizing the business card choices and some of the exciting new selections which are available. There are two main types of business cards, folded and slimline.


Slimline Photo Cards

The slimline photo cards are the traditional favorites, as these have been available for decades. These business cards are mainly flat, 4/8 inches printed with the photo and a holiday message on the front. These cards are available in the portrait or landscape orientation, depending on the design. You can easily write on the slimline card with markers, but you’ll have to test them first, most of the ink will smear. Since, these business cards are printed by using the photographic process; there is some printing on the back, indicating the brand of the photo paper used. Other than this, there is a room to write on the back of the business cards.


Slimline Finishes

The slimline business cards are available in various surface finishes, glossy, matte, metallic and luster. The glossy and the matte are least expensive, with a shiny finish for the glossy and a dull finish for matte surface. The glossy finish will show the fingerprints, but the matte surface will not. If you invest a few more dollars you can get an elegant finish, which has the satiny look. If you want your business cards to stand out, then spring for expensive metallic surface that makes the colors pop with extra saturation.


The folded cards, which are a bit expensive than the slimline cards, are now available for the personalization with your photos and the custom message inside the business card. They are available in various sizes, with 5 by 7 inch size being the most popular. The advantage of the folded cards is that the inside of the folded card does not have shiny surface which inks smear on, so you can add a hand-written message to the printed message to customize each business card you send.


Quality of Folded Cards

The higher quality of the fold cards will be made on the thicker or heavier business card stock in order to provide a business card which is sturdy and durable. The best folded cards will compare with the offset printing by using the electrostatic inks which provide great image quality with exceptional color combination. The printers which are used to print from 4 to 7 different ink colors in order to create the color range required for photographic reproduction.


After printing, the folded cards must be coated on the outside surface with ultraviolet-cured coating in order to provide a glossy and smooth finish which is water-repellent. The business cards are creased folded and then packed for shipping. The way to tell the quality of the folded card is to look for cracking outside of the fold. You can also look if the edges of the business card are aligned, a crooked fold which will cause the edges in order to misalign.


While comparing the prices of the folded cards, you need to keep in mind certain things to consider whether the envelopes are available only at an additional charge you must be sure that in order to add the shipping costs to your price analysis. There are several great designs which are available from various sources. With a little effort you can create a great greeting card within your budget.

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