Print Your Own CD and DVD Cover Inserts

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Print Your Own CD and DVD Cover Inserts

You may want to print your own CD or DVD inserts or CD or DVD booklet insert printing-service for many reasons. You can find CD or DVD inserts to color and print for free online. Several free CD and DVD insert or cover templates can be found on the internet at many different sites such as Microsoft Office Template site or Avery. In your search engine type in “print CD or DVD inserts,” “CD case insert printing,”  “Print CD or DVD covers,” and you will be amazed at all of the options that come up.

Now that you have found your CD and/or DVD case inserts and you have designed them yourself, you will want to print them. CD and DVD case insert printing is as simple as choosing the type of paper you want to print on and whether you want to use full color printing or black and white printing.

You can customize all of your CD and DVD case cover inserts for school programs that your record, holidays, birthdays and much more. It just takes a little creativity on your part. You can even duplicate the CD or DVD and the CD or DVD inserts and give them as gifts for the holidays.

You can choose to CD or DVD booklet insert printing and write a personal message to family and friends when you give these as gifts.

You will want to consider printing your CD or DVD case inserts on a heavier weight paper or thick card stock so they will be sturdier. You can even laminate them if you wish.

A small service business may choose to use CD or DVD and need case inserts with their promotional or marketing tools. You can print your own CD or DVD inserts and save money if you only need a few at a time.

Another idea is to use a blank CD or DVD inserts that you print out and have children design their own to put in their school videos or whatever. You can also have children design their own CD or DVD inserts, scan them onto your computer and print CD or DVD case inserts to sell as fundraisers for your charity or event.

Remember that finding templates for CD or DVD case inserts that you can print on your own is not hard, Have fun with it and be creative. You will enjoy them for years to come. Later generations will enjoy them as well.


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