Half Letter Size Printing Papers

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Half Letter Size Printing Papers

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Half letter size is a smaller paper type for printing. The standard letter size is 8.5 X 11. It is also termed memo or statement paper. Sometimes this particular size of printing paper is a little hard to find. You can make your own if you just want a small amount, using Microsoft word. There are a few uses for this type of paper. You can usually find it online.

The standard size of paper letter size is 8.5 X 11 and most business stationary uses this type of size. However there is another smaller size which is also popular called half letter size, which is 5.5" x 8.5".Dispite its popularity this paper size is not always available. You can order it in advance from your local stationary or print store. Alternatively you can go online and search for the particular product. This will bring up several websites that specifically carry this size.

In Microsoft word you can actually make your own to put together in booklets. On Microsoft word version 2007 you will bring up a new page and choose page layout from the tab at the top of the page. Then you will click size and half letter size, which will be near the bottom. The choose margins and select the narrow measurement. In older versions of word you will click file initially and then page set up. You will setup all the settings of the margin to 0.5”. Click the paper size and select the paper type size. And choose portrait. Then print out as many sheets as you will need.

The uses for this half letter size are usually for receipt books or invoices. These booklets are convenient for customers like renters, as they can have a copy and the landlord will keep a copy. Because this paper is ½ the size of letter paper, which is letter size is 8.5 X 11, you can save space by having a smaller booklet, plus save your money. You can also make small booklets, which can be printed on both sides with this size of paper.

You can make a half letter size booklet using this size of paper when you use Microsoft Publisher. Click on file and choose page layout and choose booklet. Remember to allow the program to automatically insert page. Then you will go to text and drag the rectangle to the top of your page. Select the correct size and color of font for your booklet. This will be the heading and information about the book. You will select more text boxes to insert this information and then choose the insert tab and pictures to make the cover graphics. You can then add text and images to your pages.

When you want to add more pages to your half letter size booklet you can click insert and then page. Remember to select the after current page option when you insert a new page. When you have finished click the OK button. When you follow all these steps you will have a small booklet that is half the size of letter size 8.5 X 11.
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