EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

How EDDM Helps Businesses

Postal service nowadays just keeps getting better and better.  This is good news not only to people who want to send their mail to their loved ones miles away; this is also definitely a good thing for businesses who regard communication with consumers the key for their growth in each of their designated industries.


How EDDM Prints Can Help Your Business

Advertising and marketing — these are the two reasons why EDDM has been successful today among different types of businesses.  EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a system which allows businesses to send promotional mailpieces to their consumers’ homes at an affordable rate.  Another good thing about this type of postal service is that businesses do not need to have a list of names and addresses to make sure that their target consumers receive their mailpieces.  The sender would just have to indicate to the neighborhood’s post office that their mailpieces are addressed to “Postal Customers.”  This automatically means that the mailpieces will be delivered on every doorstep of the neighborhood.


What Can You Include in Your EDDM Prints?

Since EDDM mailpieces can include everything needed for the consumer to know about your business, the following are the suggested contents that you might like to go with your mail.

(1)   Basic Information

For consumers to know what your business has to offer, you should take the opportunity to include an insight to your business’ products and services.  Basic information also includes your business’ name, address, and contact number.  You can even choose to include a brief background of how your business came to be.  It is usually up to the business owner what basic information he wants to include with his mail.

(2)   Discount Coupons

Businesses that are newly-opened often include discount coupons with their mail as a way to attract consumers to try out their new products.

(3)   Site Maps

Most businesses include site maps in their mail.  This comes in very useful in directing their consumers to their office / store.

(4)   Questonnaires

Questionnaires can be in the form of a survey form which can be mailed back to businesses for consumer feedback.


What Else is Offered?

Availing EDDM prints entitles clients to receive other services either for free or for a very low cost.   The following are some of the things EDDM providers can offer you.  Take note that not all providers offer the same services for the same prices.

(1)   Graphic Design Help

Most EDDM print providers provide help with layout and contents.  They can even help design logos and suggest great graphic ideas.

(2)   Free Marketing Advice

For newly-opened businesses, EDDM providers can help suggest few marketing ideas and advice that could work.  This includes finding out the ideal customer and selecting the type of advertising which is in line with the industry the business is in.

(3)   Fundraising Ideas

Some EDDM providers offer help in thinking up of ideas and tools for fundraisers.  Fundraising is a way to not only acquire recognition for a business but also to make it known to the consumer that this business is operating for a good cause.

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