How to Use Direct Mail for Your Lawn Care Business?

When you look around, you can see unlimited number of ways which a small business can apply on their products and services. While other methods are traditional and unprecedented, the most popular method which has been around for a longer period of time and has been proven very effective is the direct mail.

Every Door Direct Mail

Get Your Message Noticed

The biggest challenge with marketing is that when your marketing message is competing against several other competitors and with other businesses, you have to try to draw the attention of your customers. Every day, people come across with several competing sales messages. These are the most important ingredient of making your direct mail campaigns successful and thus, your message will be read. Unfortunately, for most of the businesses, the sales message never gets read. For making your message distinctive in the business market, you should remember certain things.

First, never make your message like the sales letter. When you are sending any letter, you have to consider the address in order to make it just like a personal letter. You can also send the letter without any return address. You can also put your name on the address instead of the company’s name. There’s another way for making your letter unique in the market. You have to create curiosity on your envelope. You have to grab the attention of the customers through your statement. This will go a very long way and more people will be interested to open your letter.

Finally, when you have discovered how to make your prospect open your letter, you have won half the battle. Next, you have to get these so that your message gets read. You letters should be attention grabbing which conveys a powerful message. You can also paint a picture on the benefits that they are going to receive through the letter. This will take you to the next crucial step to successful mail campaigns.

Direct Marketing

The Perfect Message for Your Market

You have to create a powerful marketing message which seizes the attention of your customers and tells them why you are qualified to solve their every problem or satisfy their requirements. Your message should convey the result of using your service. Your goal with this message is to stand out from the crowd. When you have this powerful message, you should make sure that it gets delivered to the prospects who receive it. Businesses are very guilty of using of using such services which randomly throw their message, hoping to hit the right person. In order to ensure maximum results, which craft marketing message, you can meticulously choose to market you message in the easiest way.

You can also do this by analyzing the current customer base or just by making a profile of the ideal customer. What are some of the common characteristics among them? Are they neighbors? Do they come in the same income circle? When you have already identified the right market, you can deliver your powerful message that will attract majority of people that will be receptive to your service.

Direct Mail Is a Powerful Marketing Method

Though most of the small businesses know about this method, there are many who have used it as the part of their marketing efforts. But, there are many people who can’t make the most of the direct mail. Due to this, the results experienced by most are less than the stellar and has led to the false assumption that direct mail doesn’t work effectively. This can be the most powerful tool for marketing your business. There are some of the key steps which should be followed for maximizing the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Without the help of direct mail pieces, a majority of campaigns will never be successful and you will get mediocre results which will lead to complete failure. Here are some of the tips which should be followed to create successful direct mail campaigns which produce effective results.

Multi-step Marketing

It’s the secret ingredient for making your direct mail successful. You need to use this properly which can dominate your target market in a very short amount of time. Several times, businesses can move your prospects from the point A to Z in a giant step. They don’t realize that it’s easier to move prospects from the point A to B and then from the point B to C till they reach the point Z.

The goal of this process is to get your prospects to the next step. When it relates to lawn care campaigns, the goal of the letter is to get new customers. This is one goal, but this will be equivalent of the point Z. The goal of direct mail campaigns is to get interested prospects for identifying themselves.

Emphasize on Benefits, not Features

This mistake is often made by people when it comes to marketing, they speak about features rather than the benefits. This mistake will sabotage the best marketing campaigns. Features are mainly factual, tangible and verifiable. These are also mentioned as bullet points which most of the companies put in front. Here are some possible features for a lawn care business.

  • Weekly service
  • Insured and licensed
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Clients are very much satisfied

Benefit is the intangible results of the features of your product. The benefits come as a result of the tangible aspects of business. Benefits will sell your service because of the images and the feelings which they evoke in the prospects. These are the things which you should talk of the marketing message. Here are some benefits which will result from these features.

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a true professional
  • The assurance of any situation can be dealt easily


The goal of direct mailing list is to give a free estimate and also to keep your message consistent. You can put all benefits which they will receive from the service, but it’s recommended not to mention anything about the weekly and yearly contracts.

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