Common Brochure Design Mistakes

Before a brochure is sent for final printing, proofreading and final checks are made. This though does not stop some brochures no-nos from happening. For purposes of informing would-be businessmen and marketers, here are some of the most common mishaps done during brochure that could possibly impact your business greatly:
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Basically, there are three brochure types for you to choose from—the single page brochure, the two-fold brochure, and the tri-fold brochure layout. The perfect brochure fold will depend on the type of product and services your business offers. If you sell large things such as cars, houses, and condominium units, the single page brochure layout will be better suited for you. Two fold brochures are efficient if you do not want to include so much text on your brochure. The tri-fold layout on the other hand is good for business that needs heavy content for promotion.
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