Brochures Printing Basic: Five Main Brochure Types


Brochures Printing Basic: Five Main Brochure Types

We are all guilty of the fact that we buy on impulse. And sometimes a simple piece of glossy paper can push us to buy a certain product or try a new service. This is enough proof already that brochure printing has not lost its significance yet.
When it comes to most decisions on purchasing, brochures play an relevant role in helping your decide. Brochures are one of the most reliable modes of advertising your products and services and in reaching your target audience.

Among the most common classifications of brochures include the following:

Bi-fold: This is a single sheet of glossy paper with something printed on either side. This is then folded into half. This usually results to four panels or divisions. Tri-fold: The materials used are usually the same but this time, it is folded into three. The resulting number of panels for a tri-fold is six — three panels on each side. Brochures are still relevant despite the prevalence of the different multimedia advertising options. Each brochure type featured in this article has a different purpose. Mastering each will let you know which one will suit your purpose best. The following are the different types of brochure by Hot Prints USA according to purpose:

The leave-behinds: This is one of the most common types of brochures that are given to a prospect or possible customer. This is usually given so that the possible customer will have something to reflect on or think about. It usually contains the following information: the complete rundown of descriptions of the product and the enumeration of your benefits. You should likewise include your contact numbers in the brochure by Hot Prints USA.

The point-of-sale: This is another product of brochure printing known for its versatility and capability to stand alone. It is usually left behind in areas that you will most likely get bored. One good example is at the long queue in the bank. Usually designed in a superb manner, it is easy to enjoy point-of-sale brochures by Hot Prints USA. The key to making your point-of-sale successful is by giving it a catchy headline. Catch as much attention as possible and make sure that it is well-designed.

Frequently Asked Questions or Response to Inquiries: This brochure is one of the most common follow-up brochures. Its content is based entirely on the inquiries of the customers who have shown their interest in the products that you have. This type of brochure by Hot Prints USA is sent only to those who are tagged as “qualified buyers.” Qualified buyers are those who established contact to your company at will.

Direct mail: Direct mail packages usually have a brochure included. Such brochures are in the form of sales letters. They contain interesting photos and product features. Not many also include all the technical features offered by Hot Prints USA.

Tool for sales support. This type of brochure is almost the same as the leave-behind brochures. But this kind of brochure serves as an aid for selling more products.

By having more knowledge about the production aspect, you will be more ready to maximize the potential of Brochure printing for you and your company. Article brought to you thanks to Hot Prints USA.


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