Brochures Can Still Hold Their Own in Marketing Today

4. A brochure project distribution plan is easy to execute. Mailing printing brochures is one (a brochure can be stapled along with the regular sales letter to impart information without increasing postal fees.) Placing them on brochure containers in lobbies, market stalls, waiting areas, workshops, and trade expositions is another. Giving them in person is another – and this yields some marketing advantages: if someone gets a brochure from you, you can engage that person to a sales talk without much ado.
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The most commonly used type of brochure design is the tri-fold brochure template. This is the brochure type that is divided and folded into three columns. This type of brochure is more efficient since you can put in a hefty amount of text and design on it. The tri-fold brochure template is also relatively easy to print, so most entrepreneurs and printing establishments prefer this type.
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