Brochure Folding and Its Use

Double panelling is another way of folding. In double panels, the paper is folded into four equal parts then the last two Brochure Folding are slightly narrowed so that they fit perfectly inside the fold. This makes the first fold the front page and the second fold the back page having a total of eight pages. Another technique to fold the brochure into four is the double gate folding. The double gate fold is done by folding the pages into four then folding the outer ends inward. The outer folds are then slightly trimmed to fit exactly inside the gate.

Promos Promotions and sales are great to save more money. Look for a flyer printing service that’s currently offering discounts or those with an ongoing promotion that you can avail of. Some promos have special Brochure Folding discounts when you order a certain amount of flyers. If you’re looking to print 500 or more copies anyway, looking for a service that’s offering just that will cost you less in the long run.


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