Using Bookmarks for Competent Business Promotion

It is not always that one needs to splurge a large amount of money and make use of high-end techniques and tools to promote his business. The promotion of a business can be made even through simple day-to-day materials if used in a logical, advantageous way. Although, large firms can afford to invest the former cited methods of business promotion, the latter method is opted by the small or medium organizations. The enterprises look for affordable ways to offer them the kind of results they desire.


The options under this reasonable medium of promoting business are many but a company will have to find out the one that will suit its requirements and fulfill its promotional needs. If used properly, these methods can also prove to be highly effective and fruitful.


Staggered Cut Flyer
Staggered Cut Flyer

Bookmarking – Simple yet Efficient Promotional Method:


There are lots of options for firms to choose from and bookmarks are one among them. A bookmark, which is used as an identifier in documents, is a wonderful tool of marketing. In fact, this is a long term advertising option that clients and partners will use for a certain period. Bookmarks should contain information in such a way that they can easily grab attention of viewers. Hence, designers should create them in that way with attractive Bookmarks Design and catchy captions. Selecting the customization option is the best thing corporations can do to get them as required.


Key Elements of a Bookmark:



Custom bookmarks of a business must contain informative and catchy headlines. It should represent as well as talk about the business. Going with the simple words is always recommendable as viewers can easily grasp and remember them. In addition, firms can even add the company’s details on them such as phone numbers, e mail and website address etc. Providing such information on them will help clients, organizations and customers to contact the company without any difficulty. Thus, in order to create and design them appropriately, firms can better go with web based printing companies, which are not only advanced and affordable but also offer varied options in printing and customization.


The Customization of Bookmarks:


Particularly, this option of customizing materials and things is turning out quite useful to business houses for their day to day tasks and for their promotional needs. With this option any material can be easily modified as per the requirement and given a professional look. So, other than bookmarks, companies use this option even for envelopes, which is another inexpensive but effective tool of advertising. Custom Printed Envelopes not just deliver the documents to the mentioned address but also carry the name, logo and relative details of a company. These prints are given on them so that it can represent the business effectively and help in its branding.


Other Options in Promotion:


Apart from the paper pieces, corporations even try personalizing different products and turn them into absolute business items. These items are then used for advertising and marketing the business. At times, such items are given away as gifts to employees and clients for reasons like appreciation and for building relations. Different products are chosen for this purpose and notepads are one among them. Companies buy notepads after personalizing them with necessary prints using advanced online tools and applications. These imprints help in a great way in gaining viewer’s attention and in building customer loyalty.


Incorporating Images in Bookmarks for promoting Your Business:


Bookmarks, almost everyone has a few lying around. You can use them to mark your place in books and magazines and to promote your business. The most natural tie-in is for businesses that work in the publishing of books and magazines, or if you’ve written your own book. But that’s not using your imagination. Any company can successfully promote themselves with these little billboards. People can use bookmarks in many ways.


  • Display beautiful photographs
  • Put a great recipe on them
  • Used as a ruler, if a ruler has been printed on one side
  • Offer useful information about medications, health, first aid or some interesting fact about your business
  • Offer coupons; cut off the coupon printed on it, and bring it in for a discount or free gift
  • Promote an upcoming event

Your imagination is the only limitation you have when it comes to bookmarks. Some unique things you could do include:

  • Attaching small gifts to a bookmark, such as a toy (in a bag) or temporary tattoo
  • Make them out of dry erase material, with your information on one side, and the other side blank so people can write notes, and pass them out with a dry erase pen
  • Design them like a puzzle, where several bookmarks must be put together in the proper order to make a complete picture or message. Give people a bookmark every time they visit. Finish the picture and win a prize.
  • Provide entertainment by putting mazes or crossword puzzles on them
  • Have them cut into any shape. You could make a bookmark shaped like a camera, wrench, dragon or anything else.

Bookmarks offer advantages in that they are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to carry
  • Light weight
  • Small
  • Come in many sizes
  • Can have a perforation applied, for the above mentioned coupons

They can be distributed in a wide variety of locations.

  • Pass them out at your office
  • Have the sales staff give them to clients
  • Freebies at trade shows and special events
  • Anywhere you would pass out a business card, or even use these as your business card
  • Don’t forget to offer a pile of them to local bookstores, libraries and schools


Think about where your clients are, and what tie-ins other businesses may offer. A photographer could give a stack to local photography stores and schools; an exterminator could put bug facts on them and give them to schools and gardening stores; an art gallery could pass them out to art supply stores and schools. Do a little thinking about how your products and services impact your community and you’ll have lots of places to hand them out.




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