Benefits of Using Promotional Mugs



The coffee mugs are wonderful promotional item the non-profit and profitable organization.With an attractive logo in the front of the mug, the promotion will be remembered every time the mug is used. These coffee mugs are a durable promotion as people will never toss out the coffee mugs compared with the other promotional materials. If you look at yourcupboard shelf on which you keep coffee mugs, you will come across at least one mug with the company’s logo, name and contact information. This mug is used as a promotional gift. Each time you go through the write up in the mug, the company will get its publicity. If you desire to expand your business, handing coffee mugs is the major promotion method.


Consider the Clients


Before you get the mugs and hand them to your first customer, it’s very important to consider actually who the clients are. If your business is already successful, then you know your clients. For the beginners, you must confirm the following questions; does your client sit at the desk throughout the day? If yes, they will prefer to use ceramic coffee mug. Do the clients spend the working hours outside? If yes, then they will use the plastic, glass or travel mugs.


Select the style


In order to make your mug turn heads, you have to work with the graphic artist and thus, you can create a concept for your mug. There are several businessesthatdistribute the plain mugs with their names in the front and contact information at the back. When the people notice the mugs, sometimes it may appear too plain and is unable to create a lasting impression. The graphic artist will design a style and look in the fact that it’s interesting enough to draw people’s attention and make them remember the slogan that’s written onthe mug. The look of the mug must be tailored according to your brand. If you are investing in the company, make sure that the clients won’t like to drink from the polka-dotted mugs.


Place the Order


There are various promotional companies that produce mugs for business purpose. Depending on the one that you want to pick, you must supply an image of your slogan, logo and contact detailsas well as the instructions on the color, size and the style of the mug.You’llget the price reduction for each mug if you give larger orders. So, even this mug printing is expensive, you’ll get enough mugs and thus, you can use them for a significant period of time. The costs of mug printing range drastically but make a plan to spend $1 for each mug.


When You Can Use Mugs


Depending on the cost of each mug, you may not want to hand them to each customer who enters. The other marketing tool, like calendars, pens and magnets may not suit for the mass. Because of high cost, you can give mugs only to your clients who have spent money for your business. You can put it in the gift basket. These mugs can also be given to the staffs of the company. Your staff members will definitely appreciate free gift and if they’re given travel mugs, they can use them on a daily basis. Mugs are the most effective marketing tool at the industry fairs and trade shows. If anyone visits your company and signs up for a promotion, then hand them a coffee mug printing.


Benefits of Promotional Mugs


  • The promotional mugs are the most powerful marketing tool for your brand, event or any other organization. There are various benefits of promotional mugs over other forms of advertising.


  • These mugs give a creative and unique flair to the advertising campaigns.


  • As these are unique, the promotional mugs will help your companyto stand out from your competitors.


  • When compared to the other forms of media, like the radio and television, then these promotional mugs are quite effective and affordable. With a modest investment, even a small company can acquire the exposurelike the large companies.



  • The promotional mugs are the most tangible products, whichmean people can keep the mug with them for future use and reference.


  • The usefulness of the promotional mugs goes beyond the person who receives them.



  • The advertisermay be identified more through these promotional mugs. These mugs not only make impre3ssions to everyone, but send a messageevery timethe mug is used. Any other form of media will not allow the advertiser to tie a benefit with the recipientof the message.


  • These mugs are flexible and they can easily match with the theme of any event or organization.



  • It’s unnecessary to spend a lot of money on the promotional mugs.You will come across quality product6s for $1.


  • Placing the logo on these mugs will give your company a professional look.



  • The users of these types of mugs are aware of the sponsor on the product and they can create a great impression of the sponsor as they find it valuable each time the mug is used.



Thus, the goodwilland the positive attitude towards your company and brand will create the customers who will receive these promotional mugs.  The same attitude and loyalty can be increased among the employees by giving them promotional gifts, like desk goods, mugs or t-shirts. Customer loyalty always increase scustomer relations. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples

Thesepromotional gifts can be given to the employees as incentives. For example, may be for reaching targets. You have to encourage the customers to contact your company, so that they can receive e gifts. For instance, they can collectto9kens in order to receive a promotional gift. if you want to celebrate any marketing event, anniversary or company’s achievement, then you can reward the customers with suitable promotional gifts.

Also you must be sure that your copies of logo will be prepared in the correct format that is you have to prepare a large clear image above 300 dpi resolution on post card printing, use the vector format and have CYMK and RGB color versions. Always use qualified professional with a good software package, like Adobe Photoshop. Also you must allow enough turnaround time for the promotional gifts to get prepared and then sent, for example 3 weeks.



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