8 Simple Tips in Making Professional 250 Cheap Brochure 85×11

Bi-fold brochuresThis is a very common brochure type that a lot of companies and individual proprietors use most of the time. When you 250 85×11 Cheap Brochure Printing of this type, it does not cost as much as the gate-fold type and other brochures with more complex folding. It is only folded in half wherein four panels are formed. It has a cover in front, at the back, including the other panels inside. It a simple brochure that is easy to look at. The booklet is a more complicated form of bi-fold brochure. This type has more pages to add in photos and product information. It may appear like a thin version of a magazine. This is very practical when there are numerous products or services being offered that require more spaces for advertisements.

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